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Our services include Industrial Rope Access and Working At Heights solutions for the Commercial, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas industries.

Providing Maintenance, Inspections, Installations, Mechanical, Fabrication, Rigging, Electrical, Painting & more...

We specialise in Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas:

  • General Maintenance

  • Rescue, Heights Safety and Emergency Training/Advice

  • Mechanical and Fabrication (Welding) Engineering

  • Electrical (High Voltage)

  • Mechanical Inspections

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT):

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

  • Magnetic Particle Testing (PT)

  • Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)

  • Rigging Solutions

  • Offshore/Onshore Marine Loading Arm (MLA) Inspections and Repairs

  • Decommissioning Structures

  • Dropped Objects Prevention 

  • Welding (Coded for 6G, all methods and exotic metals)

  • Pipeline/Spool Repairs & Change Outs

  • Liner Replacements

  • Reclaimer & Stacker Repairs

  • Conveyor Repairs

  • Crusher Repairs

  • Water Pump Repairs 

  • Electrical Motor Change Outs

  • Cable Tray Replacements

  • Concrete Canvas Installations

  • Flange Bolting

  • Sandblasting/Painting

  • Electrical and Instrumentation

  • Wear Maxing

  • Rubber Lining

  • Screen Repairs

And More…


What's provided:

All Rope Access equipment is provided. We offer anchor installation, inspection, certification and access solutions for any abseiling and/or working at heights needs.


We also Specialise in Residential, Commercial Building Services and Entertainment:

  • High Rise External Inspections 

  • Anchor Installations & Certified Inspections

  • General Maintenance and Installations

  • Roof Plumbing

  • Signage Installation and Repairs (Including Electrical Rewiring, Soldering & Plugging)

  • External Painting

  • Facade Inspections and Maintenance

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical Works

  • Window Sealing and Water Proofing

  • Fire Suppression Systems 

  • Concrete Repairs

  • Gutter Repairs & Replacements

  • Roof Tiling Repairs, Replacements and Re-Spraying

  • Commercial Window Cleaning

  • Stage Rigging for the Music/Entertainment Industries

  • Security Camera Installations

  • Tree Surgery, Climbing and Removal.

  • Conservation Work

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