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Tree Cutting With A Porta Wrap

Rendering Done Right!

Meet Rick! Here he is mid render repair, cutting out loose derbris that can cause a safety hazard for the public and vehicles below.

As a building owner or manager, the appearance of your high-rise building is essential in maintaining its value and appeal. A damaged or worn-out render can detract from the building's overall appearance, potentially lowering its value and attracting negative attention. Fortunately, we can help with your render repairs!

Repairing render on a high rise building is a complex and challenging task that requires skilled professionals and proper safety measures. Render is a thin layer of material, usually made of cement, applied to the exterior walls of buildings to improve their appearance and protect them from weather and environmental elements. The render can deteriorate over time, which can compromise the building's structural integrity and lead to leaks, cracks, and other damages.

There are various methods for repairing render, including the use of scaffolding or suspended platforms, however, here you can see Rick repelling and this is often the preferred method for high-rise buildings. This method is quick, efficient and less intrusive, reducing the disruption to the residents and businesses.

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